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                                  As Captains of Lives, we inspire everyone, at every chance, towards a society without re-offending.


                                  As a correctional agency, we enforce secure custody of offenders and rehabilitate them for a safe Singapore.


                                  • 27
                                    Jul 2020
                                    Covid-19 Post-circuit breaker Phase 2 Visit Arrangement (From August 2020)
                                  • 18
                                    COVID-19 Post-Circuit Breaker Phase 2 Visit Arrangements
                                  • 27
                                    May 2020
                                    COVID-19 Precautionary Safe Distancing Measures for Visitors following End of Circuit Breaker on 1 June 2020
                                  • 19
                                    May 2020
                                    Singapore Prison Service Annual Report 2019
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                                  About Us


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                                  Captains of Lives

                                  Accolades & Achievements

                                  International Co-operation


                                  Our Employee Value Proposition

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                                  Prison Officer (Sergeant)

                                  Civilian Officer

                                  Home Affairs Uniformed Services Scholarships

                                  Home Team Sponsorships


                                  Visit Matters

                                  1st Time Visitor

                                  Visit Centres

                                  Visit Booking

                                  Mode of Visits and Frequency of Visits

                                  Who Can Visit

                                  Visit Registration

                                  Visit Card

                                  Visit Items

                                  Other Visit Matters

                                  COVID-19 Post-Circuit Breaker Phase 2 Visit Arrangement

                                  Community and Volunteers

                                  Rehabilitation Process

                                  Conditional Remission System and Mandatory Aftercare Scheme

                                  MHA Boards and Committees

                                  SPS Volunteer

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                                  News About Us

                                  In The News

                                  Annual Reports

                                  Prison News


                                  Correctional Research Application

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